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  1. One World Center College ma siedzibę w Danii. Ma wiele szkół na całym świecie i jest aktywny w krajach rozwijających się. Oferuje edukację, a także możliwość podróżowania po Europie, Afryce i Indie. Oferuje programy dla wolontariuszy. Szczegółowe informacje można znaleźć na stronie internetowej: One World Center college that is based in Denmark. We have a lot of schools all around the world and are active in the development countries. Such as we offer an education and also a possibility to travel across Europe, Africa and India. We offer programs for volunteers. Our website is In our programs we offer you a unique possibility to actively work shoulder to shoulder with The Poor with issues such as HIV/AIDS, climate change, education and food production; issues that really matter for The Poor. In our programs you will train skills both for the purpose of development work in Africa and India, and also to be able to act towards some of the big challenges we meet in the 21st century. In our programs you become part of a team. You will make many useful actions, and this is no easy task. This is about securing that your actions will have a lasting impact on the people that you are together with. It is about creating peace and development between people and being incorruptible, honest and open minded. It is about learning new things and being curious and interested in what is happening in the world, both in politics and in new scientific developments. We offer 3 programs in cooperation with One World University Mozambique • 18 months Fighting with The Poor Studies, service period in Africa, presentations in Europe and final examinations • 24 months Fighting with The Poor and pedagogical studies Studies, pedagogical practice, service period in Africa or India, presentations in Europe and final examinations • 36 months Bachelor in Pedagogy Studies, pedagogical practice, travel in buses to Africa, working period in Europe and examinations in Pedagogy. DNS Tvind (The Necessary teacher Training College) in co-operation with One World University offers a 3-years teacher education leading to a BA licentiate in Pedagogy. We offer unique opportunities to face some of the necessities of our times, with action and solidarity with The Poor of our world. Our program contains the training of essential life skills and for living a meaningful life in the 21st century. Taking part in the program includes a vast array of goals, ambitions and action.... it is about ensuring the experiences you gain have a long lasting impact on the people whose lives you touch. It is about creating peace and development between people by being honest, open and incorruptible. It is about deciding to learn new things, being constantly curious and interested in knowing the latest on current events, world politics and scientific progress. It is essentially about working on common ground together, helping to secure the ability of others to be productive in society. Coming together with many like-minded people can make the above a reality. Bachelor in `Pedagogy´ Bringing up and instructing children and youth to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge and wisdom they need to carry the future of humanity, is no small task. Teachers are needed who know their trade, who possess a modern perspective of today's world, and who are willing to push the boundaries of tradition in search of ways and means of teaching and learning that will genuinely provide the new generations with the practical tools, the ethics and the human qualities they require to be able to take on life; as individuals, as progressive citizens of their country and as modern inhabitants and caretakers of the globe and its beings. The aim of the OWU Licentiate Degree in Pedagogy is to train such teachers. How to continue from here If you consider doing this program, the first step for you is to contact us and fill out an application form. We will then get back to you to answer any questions you might have. Next step is to have a telephone interview to go through practical questions. We also would like that you attend an info meeting in your country or come to our college for a preparatory weekend. If you decide to enrol, you fill in and sign an enrolment form and pay the enrolment fee. Then you have a place in the team. Starting date: 18 months program starts: 01.05.2015; 01.11.2015 24 months program starts: 01.08.2015; 36 months program starts: 01.09.2015 Email:

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